7.19.17 - Blowing in the Wind

Andy Wood said it best in his song Man of Golden Words….“Words and Music. My only Tools.” They can compliment each other so well, and at the same time stand on their own each having a profound meaning. In this modern era of music no one’s done it quite as well as Bob Dylan has. His ability to create a simple story or have you captivated by imaginative metaphors and similes makes his songs unforgettable. 

They lend themselves to interpretation and imagination, which is perhaps why so many artists have taken their own spin on many of his songs. I’m guilty of this myself and wanted to share my latest cover. 

Blowing in the Wind is a timeless song whose lyrics can resonate with any man or woman from any culture or time in our existence. It’s about compassion, understanding, hope and a bit of the unknown. As the theme repeats throughout, “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind….” 

Enjoy this beautifully written song and my cover of it in this lyric video below. 


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